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... tells the story of your company, sometimes as a motivational tool for your employees, but also to inbtroduce your brand and capabilities to other businesses through traditional or social media platforms.

Employee Training/Education
... used to train new or experienced employees in job techniques, customer service skills, OSHA regulations, legal compliance, etc., usually in conjunction with orientation manuals.

Product Launch
... helps introduce a new product or service to distributors or consumers.

Employee Recruitment
... helps attract qualified and interested
candidates by introducing the Company, telling its story, and motivating the recruit to learn more. Usually accompanies recruitment brochure.

Consumer Training/Education
... usually accompanies a Users Manual in detailing an overview of a product operation.


... the ever-popular way of broadcasting the launch of new products, services, franchise opportunities, etc.

... a video version of a "K statement," this is a perfect tool for making an emotional and motivational appeal on behalf of your non-profit organization's capital campaign.

Point of Purchase
... shown in-store near product display to attract attention and motivate buyer.

Trade Show
... helps grab attention for your company's services or new products at trade shows and conventions.

Legal Settlement
... videos of "Day in the Life" and "wrongful death-damages" testimony preview.

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